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Our priority is to identify, develop and deliver excellent value-added solutions to professionals.

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We work to evolve, innovate and develop the services and products offered to professionals.


We provide and demonstrate the utmost personal and professional reliability in the development of long-lasting trusting relationships.


We are committed personally and as a team to the needs of the sector’s professionals and clients.


We work as a team and in collaborative activity inside and outside for the best results of projects and services.

Value, mission and vision

We want to be your reference and most valued partner in welding solutions.

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of Product / Service

Comprehensive range of products + services for the welding industry

Expertise / R+D+i Solutions and alternatives

Excellent customer and technical service

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with our Clients

We bet / show welding solutions

Regular monitoring and service milestones



360º Solutions
for the welding industry

Excellence in industry solutions and services

Collaborative and ongoing relationship with customers and manufacturers

Value services with cost-effectiveness

Kestra Rec-Man, a success story

In 1982, Angel Rodrigo, Industrial Technical Engineer and after a successful career at Castolin Eutectic, forms Rec-Man. The company starts as a company specialized in products for repair and maintenance. Later, it becomes the first national importer of brands as prestigious as Selco and Safra.

After a conscious effort and clear goals, Kestra Rec-Man becomes one of the national references in the distribution of welding maaterials.

Kestra Rec-Man

Present in Bilbao and Madrid Industry exhibitions

European Welding engineer added to the team

Creation of Kestra Rec-Man Madrid

Implementation of ISO9001 Quality Assurance System

Incorporation into the business of selling industrial gases

Creation of Welding Training Center

Change of name to Kestra Rec-Man

First Importer of Selco Welding Machines for Spain

First Importer of Safra welding wire in Spain

First Imports of Italian welding Equipment

Creation of Rec-Man

repaired machines
Years repairing
welding equipment
Years different
brands of welding