Kestra Rec-Man

A success story

In 1982, Angel Rodrigo, Industrial Technical Engineer and after a successful career at Castolin Eutectic, forms Rec-Man. The company starts as a company specialized in products for repair and maintenance. Later, it becomes the first national importer of brands as prestigious as Selco and Safra.

After a conscious effort and clear goals, Kestra Rec-Man becomes one of the national references in the distribution of welding maaterials.

Kestra Rec-Man

Present in Bilbao and Madrid Industry exhibitions

European Welding engineer added to the team

Creation of Kestra Rec-Man Madrid

Implementation of ISO9001 Quality Assurance System

Incorporation into the business of selling industrial gases

Creation of Welding Training Center

Change of name to Kestra Rec-Man

First Importer of Selco Welding Machines for Spain

First Importer of Safra welding wire in Spain

First Imports of Italian welding Equipment

Creation of Rec-Man