Delfo Torches

TIG and MIG welding torches cooled by Air and Water. DELFO range offers the best solution in both MIG and TIG for market demand, thanks to its exclusive design and durability.

Binzel torches

Powerful, robust and flexible. Technology for the world of welding

BINZEL, thanks to its highly qualified staff, develops high performance products, personal service, innovative technology and customer focus, which will guarantee your success.

Download the catalogs with the best MIG / MAG torches, both air and water cooled from Binzel

Innotec torches

The best service and the fastest response to our customers

INNOTEC provides high quality MIG-TIG-PLASMA torches and spare parts. Innotec has accumulated rich experience in cooperation with important factories, importers and distributors. All products are CE certified.

Below you can download the torch catalogs of Innotec.