About us

Kestra Rec-Man is composed of expert professionals with more than 30 years in joining and cutting technologies

We work with manufacturers around the world, being very selective and rigorous when choosing who we collaborate with, thus offering our customers the highest quality at the best price in all welding and plasma cutting products.

Kestra Rec-Man believes in “constant improvement“, that’s why all the “feedback” we collect from our contact with the customer is communicated to the manufacturers, which allows us to continue improving the product.

We are committed to adding value to your business by listening to your needs and being reliable in the search for solutions.

For this, we work with an ISO 9001 management system



To offer the market solutions in union technologies of the highest quality, being a leader in this sector. At the same time, create at all times a value chain that is beneficial for suppliers, customers, shareholders and community.



Considering the changes at the social and technological level, to be experts in all joining technologies that appear in the future, evolving from a distribution company to a respected consultancy in joining and cutting technologies.

Our workshop

Our headquarters

KESTRA Vitoria

C/ Canal de Santo Tomás s/n
Polígono Ind. de Gamarra
01013 Vitoria
Tel. +34 945 289 399
[email protected]


C/ Milanos 10, Nave 61
28320 Pinto
Tel. +34 916 921 905
[email protected]